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Thus if the instruction MOV R0,R15 was located at address &8000, then the value loaded into R15 would be &8008. Chapters Five and Six contain several examples of the use of R15 where pipelining is taken into account. Group One A There is a small class of instructions which is similar in form to the group one instructions, but doesn't belong in that group. These are the multiply instructions, whose form bears a similarity to the simplest form of group one instructions. Two distinct operations make up this group, multiply and multiply with accumulate.

R12 or R13 is used. The Acorn ARM Calling Standard, for example, specifies R12, whereas BASIC uses R13. Here is a pictorial representation of two items being pushed onto a stack. Before the items are pushed, SP points to (holds the address of) the previous item that was pushed. After two new words have been pushed, the stack pointer points to the second of these, and the first word pushed lies 'underneath' it. Stacks on the ARM have two attributes which must be decided on before any STM/LDM instructions are used.

For other immediate values, the state of C is hard to predict after the instruction, and it is probably best not to assume anything about the state of the carry after a logical operation which uses the S option and has an immediate operand. To summarise the state of the result flags after any logical operation, if the S option was not given, then there is no change to the flags. Otherwise: ? ? If result is negative (bit 31=1), N is set, otherwise it is cleared. If result is zero, Z is set, otherwise it is cleared.

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