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By Maurice Wiles

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Arians within the 3rd century advert maintained that Jesus was once much less divine than God. considered as the archetypal Christian heresy, Arianism used to be condemned within the Nicene Creed and it sounds as if squashed through the early church. much less renowned is the truth that fifteen centuries later, Arianism used to be alive and good, championed through Isaac Newton and different scientists of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. This ebook asks how and why Arianism persisted.

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5. 12 (see Kopecek, A History of Neo-Arianism , 516–19). 82 Theodosian Code 16. 5. 17. 83 See Liebeschutz, Barbarians and Bishops , 152. 84 Theodosian Code 16. 5. 23; 16. 5. 49. 85 Kopecek, A History of Neo-Arianism , 529–39. 34 THE END OF ARIANISM opposition to contend with. Though having no churches within the city in which to meet, the Arians used to foregather in the open air and organize colourful, hymn-singing processions, which were liable to end in serious clashes with rival Catholic demonstrations.

But it was not long before all these groups and their varied forms of ‘Arian’ thought would disappear from the Eastern empire. The decisive moments in that process can be dated with some precision. The death of the emperor Valens, a supporter of the homoian cause, in 378, leading to the accession of Theodosius 1 as emperor in the East in 379, was the beginning of the end. In the words of B. J. 78 With the gift of hindsight we know that these enactments were the beginning of the end for Arian Christianity.

A. C. e. 58 But the dominant character of the Alexandrian tradition in that period does seem to have been of a broadly Platonist kind, with varying degrees of Aristotelian and Stoic influence. One of the most fundamental issues of debate in the Platonism of the time was the relation of this transient realm of sensible experience to the transcendent realm of the ideal forms, in which it was in some way grounded. Was an actual person or thing a copy of its ideal counterpart or did it somehow participate in the eternal and changeless order of the ideal forms?

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