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By Rev. F. De P. Castells A.K.C.

ISBN-10: 0766133605

ISBN-13: 9780766133600

An interpretation of the symbolism of the Masonic inn.

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The Holy Place was a " Middle Chamber " intervening between it and the Sanctum Sanctorum, 40 cubits long by 20 cubits wide, that is a double square; and the Sanctum Sanctorum was 20 cubits long by 20 cubits wide, or a perfect square. C. in the Middle 48 Chamber; (c) the raising ceremony by which the Assistant High Priest J. acquires the right to enter the Sanctum Sanctorum. It is noteworthy, too, that practically all the Temples of other nations were similarly divided into three parts. In our examination of the subject, however, we have adopted a seven-fold division: (1) the Porch; (2) the Pillars; (3) the Pavement with its Border; (4) the Middle Chamber with the Staircase that led up to it; (5) the Central Lamp; (6) the Dormer; and (7) the Grave.

But we must not be misled by taking this 32 statement about "the first Lodge” I as an absolute fact. It was "the first . . U. A. M. Moses) is regarded as " the First," and this one is also called " the Holy " Lodge, the ground it occupied being rendered holy by the structure. M. Moses, that is, the counterpart of something in the heavens, something in the "celestial canopy," something which in turn was emblematic of a higher Reality. Eventually the third attempt to reproduce that Pattern was to be made by erecting the Grand or Royal Lodge of which we still have the main outline in the V.

That was the width of the rest of the edifice. (I Kings vi. ) Through this Porch the would- be worshippers passed in order to enter the Temple. And above it there was an imposing structure about which there is some mystery. The writer of the Books of the Kings does not state the height of the latter, but in the Chronicles it is given as 120 cubits (iii. 4). This presents a difficulty not solved by the numerous models that have been produced. T. must ever remain unsettled because of the uncertainty that there is as to the meaning of certain Hebrew words.

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