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By N. Purdie, Harry G. Brittain

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Gains designated elements of round dichroism and examines the way it will be of assistance to employees within the box. The textual content discusses the actual phenomena linked to dissymmetric compounds which offer upward push to the round dichroism influence, and reports the instrumentation on hand.

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However, the Fresnel rhomb possesses two advantages which make this limitation tractable. At angles of incidence near the point where the retardation is a maximum, the variation of 6 with the angle of incidence is small giving a large optical aperture. In addition, 6 has a very small wavelength dependence over large spectral ranges thus providing a near achromatic phase retardation. It should be noted that for fused silica, two reflections are not sufficient to induce a quarter-wave retardation in the visible region of the spectrum.

However, in spite of the advantages of this approach, the use of high frequency polarization modulation in conventional CD systems and the time characteristics of the available multichannel light detection devices are incompatible. This is a consequence of the time it takes to read out the intensity information in the multichannel device after exposure relative to the modulation frequency of the PEM or Pockels cell (>50 kHz). As an example, linear arrays of silicon photodiodes (photodiode arrays) are available as a package complete with the necessary circuitry to read out the array following exposure.

If the material subjected to the field is illuminated with linearly polarized light, a phase difference will be introduced into the two orthogonal components. The magnitude of the phase difference will be dependent upon the photoelectric medium and the applied voltage. Thus, for a fixed wavelength, a variable retardation can be created by application of the correct voltage. Both transverse (perpendicular to the light beam) and longitudinal Pockels cells are available. The advantage of this approach is that the retardation can be switched very rapidly and Pockels cells are available which can operate at frequencies of 100 MHz, or above.

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