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Greater than a hundred and fifty orchid genera are defined, each one observed by way of an exceptional Marion Sheehan representation that exhibits a consultant species; all demonstrate an analogous buildings in comparable perspectives in order that the reader can simply examine the differences between genera. In 1995, the authors got the yank Orchid Society's Gold Medal of feat.

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O: Rodriguezia. P: Arachnis. Q: Trichopilia. R: Eulophia. S: Brassia. T: Gongora. U: Cycnoches. V: Grammatophyllum. W: Maxillaria. X: Ansellia. Y: Phragmipedium. Za: Vanilla pollen mass. Zb: Vanilla anthers. The best way to understand an orchid blossom is to take a flower in hand and dissect it segment by segment. Looking at a Cattleya face view (Fig. 8), the labellum (lip) is the most prominent feature. , Masdevallia, see color plate) or insignificant or hidden. The lip, in general, is a highly modified petal and is one of three petals that make up the inner whorl of the corolla (Fig.

Pollinia. The pollen of the majority of orchid flowers is not powdery, as it is in most flowers, but rather agglutinated in masses called pollinia (singular, pollinium). Each orchid flower has from two to eight pollinia under the anther cap, depending on the genus. In one case, Brassavola cucullata, there are 12 pollinia. Each pollinium or pair of pollinia is attached to a stalk (caudicle or stipe), which comes in Page 17 Figure 4. Reproductive structures. A: Cattleya. Aa: Column and ovary, side view.

Epidendreae I (New World) Sobraliinae: Elleanthus, Epilyna, Sertifera, Sobralia. Arpophyllinae: Arpophyllum. Meiracylliinae: Meiracyllium. Coeliinae: Coelia. Laeliinae: Acrorchis, Alamania, Artorima, Barkeria, Basiphyllaea, Brassavola, Broughtonia, Cattleya, (Cattleyopsis), Caularthron, Constantia, Dilomilis, Dimerandra, Domingoa, Encyclia, Epidendrum, Hagsatera, Helleriella, Hexisea, Homalopetalum, Isabelia, Isochilus, Jacquiniella, Laelia, Leptotes, Loefgrenianthus, Myrmecophila, Nageliella, Neocogniauxia, Nidema, Oerstedella, Orleanesia, Pinelia, Platyglottis, Ponera, Pseudolaelia, Psychilis, Pygmaeorchis, Quisqueya, Reichenbachanthus, Rhyncholaelia, Scaphyglottis, Schomburgkia, Sophronitis, Tetramicra.

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