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PFE extractions typically use the known organic solvents n-hexane, cyclohexane, toluene, dichloromethane, methanol, acetone as applied in Soxhlet methods. For biological samples and for the extraction of water soluble components, waterbased media in mixtures with organic solvents are applied (Curren, 2002). This variation gives access to polar compounds for subsequent LC-MS analysis. 6). Thermal degradation does not occur during PFE extractions. Using PFE techniques, the sample is completely and constantly surrounded by solvent; thus, oxidative losses are minimized if the extraction solvent is degassed and oxygen is excluded.

10 Sample handling in the static headspace method (Hachenberg, 1988). gas phase then remains constant. 10). The static headspace method is therefore an indirect analysis procedure, requiring special care in performing quantitative determinations. g. temperature) and also on the sample matrix itself. The matrix dependence of the procedure can be counteracted in various ways. The matrix can be standardized, for example, by addition of Na2 SO4 or Na2 CO3 . 11). 11 Gas extraction techniques (Kolb, 1992).

These salts tend to associate to water molecules to form hydrated salts. Sodium sulfate, for example, tends to clump together when water is present. Sodium sulfate is not suitable for in-cell moisture removal and extraction in ASE. 7 PFE in-cell sample preparation procedure with additional adsorbent layer. 23 24 2 Fundamentals some instances clogging the outlet frit, tubes and valves. Moreover, sodium sulfate becomes an aggregate hard lump upon water absorption. Typically, a water-absorbent polymer is applied comprising a copolymer of a basic monomer with an acidic monomer.

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