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Have you puzzled how the Eiffel Tower was once equipped? Or, what it can were prefer to wander the streets of Montmartre 100 years in the past and meet humans like Edith Piaf and the well-known painters? As you stroll round the urban of sunshine, you're vacationing within the footsteps of fantastic humans together with Napoleon Bonaparte, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Toulouse-Lautrec and Gustave Eiffel. in numerous methods, all of those remarkable characters made significant contributions, making the town of Paris what it really is this day. A urban travel in contrast to the other, extraordinary humans of Paris takes you on a desirable trip with those icons of 1 of the world's so much visited towns. you are going to meet those that contributed to the song, the artwork, the structure, the politics and different important facets of the city's existence. Come head to head with those that constructed the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Tuilleries Gardens and different nice areas. stroll round the urban with the tales of the folks who created the websites we adore to go to. what's a BioView®? Your travel of the folks and locations of Paris comes alive via BioViews®. A BioView® is a quick biographical tale, just like an interview. those detailed tales offer an ideal way of studying approximately striking those who made significant contributions and altered our global.

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Apparu à l’aube du XXe siècle, le Fauvisme explosa sur los angeles scène artistique lors du Salon d’automne de 1905 en un scandale retentissant. En jetant des couleurs pures sur los angeles toile, les fauves défièrent les conventions artistiques. Matisse, Derain, Van Dongen ou encore Vlaminck expérimentèrent ainsi un nouveau langage chromatique en détournant l. a. couleur de son signifié.

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Observe SUR L'ÉDITION: présenter des morceaux choisis des Misérables peut apparaître comme une gageure. Quels fragments choisir ? À quels développements renoncer sans trahir los angeles cohérence de l'œuvre et le variety de Victor Hugo ?

Tout d'abord, nous avons choisi de supprimer les développements historiques et narratifs qui éloignent le (jeune) lecteur de l'intrigue principale (nous n'avons pas retenu le rappel des événements de Waterloo ou le récit des amours déçues de Fantine ; nous avons limité à sa plus uncomplicated expression l. a. description des journées de 1832 et de ses barricades) pour recentrer l'action sur les figures de Jean Valjean et du couple Cosette/Marius.

Ensuite, nous avons préféré limiter, chaque fois que cela était attainable, les coupures au sein d'un chapitre afin de restituer le souffle particulier de l'écriture hugolienne dans sa strength, voire parfois sa complexité.

Enfin, nous avons tenu à respecter le découpage de l'œuvre intégrale (divisée en events, livres et chapitres).

« Il y a dans notre civilisation des heures redoutables ; ce sont les moments où los angeles pénalité prononce un naufrage », écrit Victor Hugo au sujet de Jean Valjean. Acculé par l. a. pauvreté, l’homme vole un soreness pour nourrir les siens et passe dix-neuf ans au bagne ! À sa sortie, rejeté de tous, haineux envers l. a. société, il n’a qu’une factor : retomber dans le crime. Mais une rencontre providentielle l’en détourne.

Jean Valjean pourra-t-il trouver le salut espéré ? Traqué sans relâche par le policier Javert, parviendra-t-il à échapper à son passé ? Mêlant roman à suspens, récit historique, épopée et critique sociale, Victor Hugo dessine avec ce chef-d’œuvre le chemin de croix d’une « humanité souffrante » qui, de « misérable », devient « elegant ».

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Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 26 Amazing People of Paris King Louis XIV 1638 – 1715 I became the King of France in 1642, at the age of four Cardinal Mazarin was my Chief Minister from 1642 to 1661 That gave me time to grow up in Paris and understand things A civil war from 1648 to 1653 was a worry The parliament and nobles were trying to protect their rights Mazarin managed to maintain my rights as the monarch It taught me a very important lesson The people must be ruled by the Divine Right of the King When Mazarin died, I ruled firmly The administrators reported to me Including Fouquet, Colbert, Turenne, Vauban, Villars and Tourville In doing so, they contributed to the development of Paris My home was at the Tuileries Palace until 1682 After that, most of my time was spent at Versailles There, I built a magnificent palace It gave work to over 30,000 people © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 27 Amazing People of Paris As a result, they had money to spend in Paris That helped build the economy of the city To ensure control in Paris, I created a police force Therefore, taxes had to be increased As the ‘Sun King’, I supported the arts Academies of painting, sculpture, science, architecture and music They brought men of great ability to Paris Many grand projects were initiated Les Invalides, started in 1671, was a major hospital project The Academie Française came under my control the same year Therefore, money was provided for many new buildings Catholicism was reinforced in 1685 Many of the Protestants fled overseas Indeed, many of my troubles came from abroad Wars against the Dutch, Spanish and English were costly Overall, my domestic policies worked to maintain order While there were many poor people, my projects created jobs In 72 years, I gave my best for both Paris and France.

However, being a prophet in one’s own land was not easy Therefore, I lived in Germany and Switzerland for a number of years En route, I had a famous affair with Madame du Chatelet But, I remained a bachelor throughout my life As times changed, so did the recognition that I received Instead of being regarded as a revolutionary I became a hero I preferred to be recognized by my writings, such as the novel Candide Plus my books on the history of France, Germany and Russia In addition, there were my plays and poems Literary works last forever unless some dictator starts burning books It could happen again and you need to be vigilant to protect your freedom Paris may be called the City of Light It will only be so if we protect our rights of free speech.

If one could fly, there would be many advantages For example, in a battle, to find out where the enemy would attack Also, we could speed up communications and travel These thoughts I shared with my brother, Jacques-Etienne We developed the idea of a big balloon and created gas to inflate it A box-like structure of about one square metre was established Once filled with the gas, it started to rise from the ground As we were indoors, the machine hit the ceiling To hold a person, the balloon needed to be three times as large More tests and trials were required © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 42 Amazing People of Paris Then on 14th December 1782, our first aviation balloon was ready Amazingly, it floated nearly two kilometres Jean-Baptiste Reveillon, a wallpaper entrepreneur, backed us On June 4th 1783, a demonstration was given The flight lasted ten minutes without anyone being on board It reached an altitude of about 2000 metres and flew two kilometres Word of the success travelled faster than the balloon A new version was flown on September 11th 1783 It started in Reveillon’s garden at Le Folie Titon The balloon looked rather grand with signs of the zodiac on it Animals were put on board to test their reaction The King had proposed two criminals be sent aloft That was too great an honour for villains in our view A week later, a flight at the Royal Palace, Versailles, took place King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were present The balloon travelled about two miles in eight minutes © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 43 Amazing People of Paris On October 15th we launched the first person into the air It was a tethered flight with Jean Francois Pilatre de Rozier aboard He was the world’s first pilot On October 17th and 19th we had two people on board Messieurs Villette and de Rozier were the world’s first paying passengers By November 21st we were able to fly without restriction Marquis d’Arlandes and Pilatre de Rozier flew above Paris They reached 3000 feet and kept going for 25 minutes Parisians were amazed to see a balloon sailing across the sky However, a fire started onboard and excitement turned to anxiety Therefore, they quickly looked for somewhere to land It was the start of aviation The Académie des Sciences recognized our achievements Unfortunately, our main work was interrupted by the French Revolution In 1789, the streets of Paris were dangerous places Survival on the ground was more important than in the air Despite this, we had set the stage for human flight In doing so, we changed people’s perception of travel Introducing new dimensions to military combat Yet, on the ground battles continued Napoleon marched across Europe with his troops People lived in fear of gunfire People were keeping their heads down, rather than reaching for the stars.

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