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The actual values should be inlined to some greater precision than actually needed, thereby one avoids the generation of multiple copies of the (logically) same value with differences only due to numeric inaccuracies. 382683432365089771728459984029; // // // // == == == == cos(Pi*1/16) sin(Pi*1/16) cos(Pi*2/16) sin(Pi*2/16) == == == == cos(Pi*1/16) sin(Pi*1/16) cos(Pi*1/8) sin(Pi*1/8) Automatic verification of the generated codes against the original is a mandatory part of the process. 11 If you know how to utilize gcc for that, please let me know.

C − 1 and y = 0, 1, 2, . . , R − 1) be a 2-dimensional array of data7 . 77) k=0 h=0 For a m-dimensional array ax (x = (x1 , x2 , x3 , . . , xm ), xi ∈ 0, 1, 2, . . , Si ) the m-dimensional Fourier transform ck (k = (k1 , k2 , k3 , . . , km ), ki ∈ 0, 1, 2, . . k ... x1 =0 x2 =0 where z = e± 2 π i/n , n = S1 S2 . . k where S = (S1 − 1, S2 − 1, . . 79) x=0 The inverse transform is again the one with the minus in the exponent of z. 80) x=0 which shows that the 2-dimensional FT can be accomplished by using 1-dimensional FTs to transform first the rows and then the columns8 .

Convolutions of data sets that do not fit into the RAM workspace. An important consideration is the Minimization of the number of disk seeks The number of disk seeks has to be kept minimal because these are slow operations which, if occur too often, degrade performance unacceptably. √ The crucial modification of the use of the MFA is not to choose R and C as close as possible to n as usually done. e. the row length C corresponds to the biggest data set that fits into the RAM memory2 . We now analyse how the number of seeks depends on the choice of R and C: in what follows it is assumed that the data lies in memory as row0 , row1 , .

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