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By William David Hart (auth.)

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I will say more about this later. Note, however, that this correlation of material poverty and spiritual wealth—a kind of ethical preference for the poor—is a common motif in the Bible. Marshall appears to accept this view when she distinguishes invidiously between the warmth of Halsey Street and the cold sterility of North White Plains. Marshall associates the pursuit of material wealth with communal alienation and cultural deracination. She has Avey from her perspective as an elderly widow reflect on the spiritual transformation that resulted from Jay’s relentless pursuit of wealth, the displacement of Art and the Ancestor Narrative 41 his generous concern for the well-being of ordinary black people by an “unsparing, puritanical tone”— “That’s the trouble with half the Negroes you see out here.

The Black Church is seen as a stumbling block to assimilation in the American mainstream. The assimilation model also views the Black Church as anti-intellectual and authoritarian. This model is found in the views and studies of E. Franklin Frazier. 2. The Isolation Model—The Black Church is characterized by “involuntary isolation” which is due to predominately lower- class statuses in the black community. Isolation from civic affairs and mass apathy are the results of racial segregation in ghettos.

Inevitably, their anti- consumerism (self- denial) led to the accumulation of wealth and, eventually, to a disenchanted (bureaucratic and rationalized) world. They chose to order their lives this way, but we are forced do so. The unintended consequence of their ascetic choices is our lack of choice. They volunteered. We are conscripted. Their loosely fitting cloak constrains us like an iron cage. 20 One hears a note of melancholy in the following observation: To-day the spirit of religious asceticism .

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