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Observable changes of a spectrum of a film with MG dye allow, as well as in a case with rodamins, to conclude, that heating leads at first dissociation of large chromogene MG units with formation supramolecular dimers. Then occurs диссоциация dimers or their transition in dimers with nonchromogene orientation of MG molecules from each other. After immersing warmed films in water coloring regeneration is observed, and a part of dye desorbed in water. Association Nature of Dyes Chromaticity 27 On Figure 7б the curve 4 corresponds to total light absorption of a film with water in spectroscopic a ditch, and a curve 5 - to a spectrum of the water which have remained in a ditch after withdrawal of a film.

The similar effect of structural memory is reproduced in certain degree and on films TAC painted rodamine G by a technique described above. So, by heating (160ºС, more than 30 mines) can achieve practically full discoloration of such films that is presented on Figure 6 in the form of transition from a spectrum 1 to a spectrum 2 at considerable decrease in a visible band with λmax = 526 nm (νmax = 19 000 cm1 ). At the same time, a little big duration of heating for this purpose is required. Besides, 222 Yu.

5 mg) cooled at the rates indiicated aggainst each curv ve and immediaately reheated inn the DSC. All the t cooling andd reheating scanns, cooncerning an ex xperiment, weree run on the sam me sample. Onlyy a part of the complete scans from f 137 to 3330°C are shownn here for clarityy. B) Plot of ln((cooling rate) vs reciprocal ficttive temperaturee for coooling traces sh hown in a). The full line represeents the least-sqquares fit to the data. Therm mal Bhaviour and Enthalpyy Relaxation inn Aromatic Poolycarbonate… … 35 As reported d in Table 3, an increase off the T-PBFA A content in thhe copolymer correspond * too an increase of Δh valuee.

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