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By Eliot Deutsch

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An creation to the different structures of classical Indian suggestion resembling Professor Deutsch presents.

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16 And this being awake is never static. Waking consciousness ceaselessly shifts its attentive energies to different objects and to different aspects of a single object; it lapses into disinterest and is freshly stimulated by other interests. Waking consciousness is thus time-bound: when in it we do not sec things all at once; nor do we think about things in a comprehensive totality; we are constrained to a successive representation, to a considering of things one at a time. According to the Ma1],r/,ukya Upani§ad, wherein the analysis of the states of consciousness of the self is given, waking conscious- 16 Or as Suresvara puts it: " ...

6 5 We are not suggesting that Samkara or other members of the Advaita school explicitly hold that karma is a "convenient fiction" (they in fact tend to affirm karma without any such qualification); we were concerned only to show that from the metaphysical and epistemological framework of Advaita, the status of karma as a "convenient fiction" logically follows. 6 Samkara refers only to pratyak$a, anumana, and sabda as prama1J-as; the later Advaitins accept the others as well. KARMA 69 J In terms of pratyakt;a (perception), which is described by Vedanta as the going out of the manas (mind) or anataZikaratJ,a (internal organ) through the indriyas (senses) to the object and the assuming of its form, it is clear that karma cannot be established, simply because it is not an object like a table, a tree, or a pot that is available to immediate sense experience.

In) to them. Distinctions, in other words, are not abolished here but are present in a kind of pure potentiality; and for this reason the jiva is said here to perceive pure avidya, the cause or source of all distinctions. Further, deep-sleep consciousness with its counterpart self-identification, the anandamayakosa, is also called "causal"; it is the ground for future actions: the various sheaths that are manifest in the waking and dream states are latent here ready to unfold as prompted by the effects of one's past experience (karma).

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