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This accomplished and succinct encyclopedia lines the origins and improvement of the BahNB'! religion from nineteenth-century Iran to the fashionable day, masking its imperative figures and significant historic occasions.

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It was first published in Bombay in 1890/1. (1) personal obligations towards God BahL'u'llih stated that it was revcalcd (obligatory PRAYER, FASTING, PILin response to repeated requests from his G R I M A G E , ZAKAT, H U Q C ~ Q U ' L L A H , followers for laws to follow (KA 55-6 daily repetition of God's name (see k98). DEVOTIONALISM)); For Bahi'u'llih, the Aqdas is God's (2) the regulation of personal status and proof 'unto all who are in hcaven and all contracts (MARRIAGE, DIVORCE, the who are on earth' (KA 3).

In Cyprus itself he came to be regarded as a Muslim holy man, receiving a Muslim burial, and his grave being regarded as Muslim shrine. G. BROWNE. he was never one OF THE LIVING. Variant of the LETTERS Azali and Bahi'i accounts make it difficult to reconstruct an 'objective' account of the dispute between the two groups. BKG; Blomfield 48-52; Browne, Molerials 31 1-14; EGBBF; GPB 11 2-17, 124-5, 163-70, 179, 233; SBBR 59-52, 66-9. FAMILY Azal had a number of wives during his lifetime (eleven, twelve, fourteen, or seventeen, according t o different sources), including four whom he married in Iran, and at least five in Baghdad.

Remaining neutral. Later, many of his Two of his father's cousins were eminent maternal relatives - his uncles and the Shi'i clerics, Mirzi-yi-S~in~zi(1815siblings of his first wife - became Bahi'is, 95), the leading MCIITAHID of his time, and were given the title AFNAN by and Hiji Sayyid Javid (d. 1870/1), the BahH'u'llih. For o gensolcgicol b M e of the m o m o l leader of the Friday prayers (imamfornib see Nabil lix (facing toble). For o bble of purl of Ihe jum'a) in Kirmin. Both are said t o have paternol farnib we BKG 404.

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