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There are one or two things you need to know about the colonel,' he began when they met up later, lowering his voice. 'First off, he's never seen action. He joined the regiment after the Crimea and shortly before the Mutiny of fifty-seven, when, as I'm sure you know, we were confined to police operations in the south of India while Campbell's Bays got all the glory at Lucknow. ' He tapped his scar. 'But poor Harris caught dysentery before we sailed from Madras and missed the entire campaign. After that, nothing.

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And the end result: his men had been unfairly punished and, worse, a promising young soldier had been turned out into the street. Harris, he realized, was capable of just about anything, and he would have to tread extremely carefully in future. He was about to salute and take his leave when he suddenly remembered one crucial detail. He had made a note of Bell's instructions in his pocket book. 'One moment, sir. ' said Harris. George took the pocket book from inside his tunic, opened it at the relevant page and showed it to Harris.

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