13 Balles dans la Peau (Vampire Story, Tome 1) - download pdf or read online

By David Wellington

ISBN-10: 2811207007

ISBN-13: 9782811207007

Selon les rapports officiels, tous les vampires sont morts. Mais Arkeley, ancien agent fédéral, sait que l'un d'entre eux est encore en vie et manigance le retour des siens. Aussi est-il tiré de sa retraite par le FBI pour enquêter, avec Laura Caxton, sur un contrôle de regimen qui a mal tourné... Les créatures qu'ils s'apprêtent à combattre sont de véritables machines à tuer.

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Whichever the case, we shall know more of that upon Wilhelmina’s return,” Qarakh said. If she returns, whispered his Beast. “The question is why Alexander is marching on Livonia,” Grandfather said. “He no longer rules in Paris, and wishes to establish his own empire here,” Deverra said. Qarakh shook his head. “He is used to ruling a city. I doubt he’s developed a sudden fondness for the wild. ” Arnulf nodded. ” Qarakh grinned in agreement. ” “But we are still targets, whether or not he wants our lands,” Deverra said.

We should go, and quickly,” Aajav said. Qarakh was surprised to detect a note of fear in his sire’s voice. He had known Aajav since they were children, and he had never seen his blood brother display fear toward any man or beast before. ” Aajav replied in a hushed tone. ” He sniffed. “And not that long ago. We must flee before—” The air next to Aajav rippled like water, and where there had been nothing a moment before, now stood a horse and rider.

Kill! shrieked the Beast that shared his soul. Kill him now! Tim Waggoner 51 The Gray wanted to—but he couldn’t escape the niggling feeling that there was some reason he shouldn’t. If only he could remember… But before the memory could return to him, the Black charged. The Beast urged him to meet his attacker head on, but instead the Gray waited until the last instant then darted to the side, nipping the Black on the haunch as he passed—hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to do any real damage.

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