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By William R. Denslow

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Vol. II E-J. This very infrequent and lengthy out of print biographical paintings is a needs to for any Mason with a wish for Masonic learn. this isn't a photocopy of the unique paintings, yet a totally new, re-type set version. whereas a couple of editorial adjustments were made the paintings is for the main half because it used to be whilst first released. the most important switch is the addenda that was once on the finish of the 4th version. The addenda used to be a set of corrections and additions to the paintings. we have now integrated the corrections and additions into the paintings itself elimination the necessity for the addenda.

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We welcome your e-mails but before writing be sure to see our "policies" here. " Search George Orwell (1903–50), British author. Please Read On ... For more information, see: Related Topics: We're not really claiming that we're perfect: it's simply not true! Masonry has it's faults and problems. Sometimes a member slips into alcoholism, mental depression or other forms of sickness. Sometimes a member will forget his vows and act wrongly towards another human being. Sometimes a member will cheat, steal, or wrong someone else.

What's the truth? In these days of copyright protection, it's hard to understand how multiple groups could all claim the same name but such is the history surrounding Freemasonry as other organizations took its name and bastardized its concepts. Sometimes, regrettably, this occurred when someone who had previously been regularly made a Mason would decide - for whatever reason that they could improve on things. Crowley joined a French Grand Lodge which was unrecognized by 'mainstream' Freemasonry and, in fact, was apparently quite miffed when he failed to be acknowledged as a Mason by those in London, his home at the time.

Teenagers find themselves in bad situations frequently: these were adults who should have known better. While it is simple to explain that this was not a sanctioned Shrine event but rather a private fund-raiser for the Motor Patrol and that likely the majority of those in attendance were not Shriners, this horrid incident has nevertheless created a stain on the fraternity which will be impossible to erase. We could certainly compare and contrast the the frequent and persistent immoral behavior of various religious leaders but the fact remains: this was shameful!

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